FD/MAS Patient Registry Gains New Support from Influential Patient Group

The MAGIC Foundation is a nonprofit that provides support to the families of children afflicted with conditions that affect growth, including FD/MAS. Like the Fibrous Dysplasia Foundation, the MAGIC Foundation provides important support to people living with FD/MAS, and is a trusted organization in the community. After supporters of the FD/MAS Patient Registry championed the importance of the FD/MAS Patient Registry to the MAGIC Foundation, the MAGIC Foundation has stepped in as an influential supporter of the project.
Representatives of the FD/MAS Patient Registry were welcomed at the Magic Foundation’s 22nd Annual Convention, and were granted a complementary table in the convention’s Exhibitor Hall by the MAGIC Foundation to help raise awareness of the important project.
While in attendance at the Convention, Project Leader Catherine Fairchild, JD helped grow support of the FD/MAS Patient Registry among the leadership of the MAGIC Foundation, as well as among the FD/MAS patients and families who attended. Deanna Portero, Executive Director of the Fibrous Dysplasia Foundation, was inspired by the signs of support from this new ally, saying “It’s inspiring to see the entire FD/MAS community unite behind the upcoming FD/MAS Patient Registry.”